Thursday, December 6, 2007

Saint Alphonsa Bharananganam

Saint Alphonsa, Blessed Alphonsa,Bharananganam
Sister Alphonsa to be declared saint
On October 12 this year, Sister Alphonsa will become the second Indian to be officially declared a saint by the Vatican. The date was decided at a meeting in Vatican on Sunday.
It is said that a physically challenged boy was cured of his deformity after praying at Sister Alphonsa's tomb.
he sister joined this convent in 1927 and spent 20 years serving the people before she died of illness at the age of 36.
With the canonisation slated scheduled for October people are coming from various parts of the state to the church to offer prayers.
Once declared saint, Sister Alphonsa will become the second Indian to get that status after St Gonsalo Garcia.
And the Roman Catholic Church is looking forward to the D-day in October.
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